HeadsetGate Is Not a Conspiracy, Explained

Last Thursday night (September 10, 2015) the Patriots opened their season at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. During the first quarter the Steelers coaching staff reported problems with their headsets. “Patriots Radio” bleeding was impeding their communications.

In the wake of deflate gate this “technical problem” stirred up instant conspiracy theories and pointed questions directed at the Patriot organization.

For the geeks out there, the ones willing to understand, listen to logic and reason, you need to check out this blog post from Alex Milne. The blog post is a bit long, but offers an in-depth explanation of what most likely happened, from a technical perspective.

Some possible explanations

A poorly grounded audio or power cable in the wired portion of the intercom system that lives in the coaches’ booth, and connects to the wireless cart on the field, acted as an antenna (anything made from metal can be an antenna), and picked up The Sports Hub radio network.

Source: HeadsetGate Is Not a Conspiracy, and We Can Prove It


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