Leo Laporte Fan Photo

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I’ve become a big fan of the Twit Network and Leo Laporte‘s approach to tech news.  They have perfected the laid-back, conversational tone that engages viewers.  Most importantly, they offer amazing content…smart guests and in-depth discussions on a variety of topics.

A friend and I thought it would be neat to take a “fan photo” during a recent TV production we were working on.  The photo features big rubber exercise ball chairs and the Twit logo.  Why exercise balls ?  Well, Leo has become known for using a stability ball instead of a traditional chair.  Leo sits on his ball for 20+ hours a week as he records the various podcasts  the network produces.

In May of 2009 Leo’s ball popped while streaming live on the internet, it’s a hilarious video that you need to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9A7ACL_n5Y

So that’s the deal with our fan photo.  We posted a link to the photo in the Twit chat room and Leo checked it out just before his national radio show, The Tech Guy.  I love Leo’s expression when he sees the photo…he seems to be saying…Who the heck are these nuts!


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