NAB 2012 Media Coverage

NAB 2012 Media did an excellent job covering NAB 2012. They were the official Streaming Partner at 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Leo Laporte and friends broadcast live at the TWiT stage inside South Lower Hall.  Shows include TWiT Live from 2012 NAB Show, Home Theater Geeks, MacBreak Weekly, Ham Nation, and TWiRT.

There was so much content that I decided to compile a list of all the different shows.  The links below will bring you to YouTube clips:

  1. TWiT Live Specials 115: NAB Day 1, Booth Tours
    MacBreak Weekly’s Alex Lindsey tours some of the many booths at NAB.
  2. TWiT Live Specials 114: NAB Show 2012 Day 1 Coverage
  3. Home Theater Geeks 107: NAB
    Leo joins Scott at NAB for a tour of the Canon, Panasonic, JVC and Sony booths.
  4. TWiT Live Specials 116: NAB Day 1, The NAB Show
  5. TWiT Live Specials 117: NAB 2012 Day 2
  6. MacBreak Weekly 295: The Mac Is Just A Dongle
  7. Leo chats with Kevin Pollak
    Kevin Pollak stops by the TWiT NAB stage to chat with Leo.
  8. Ham Nation 44: Hams At NAB 2012
    The Ham Nation invades NAB Show 2012 in Las Vegas.  Hosts: Bob Heil (K9EID) and George Thomas (W5JDX) and Leo Laporte (W6TWT).  Guests: Kirk Harnack (AE5DW), Tim Schwieger and Charles Wooten
  9. TWiT Live Specials 119: NAB 2012 Broadcast Minds
    Leo moderates a panel of, Kevin Pollak, executive Jeff Jacobs from MTV, Bill Chapman from Turner Broadcasting and Jeff Hawley of Yamaha, have to say about the future of television, and more.  Hosted by Leo Laporte with panelists Kevin Pollak, Jeff Jacobs, Bill Chapman, Jeff Hawley
  10. TWiT Live Specials 118: NAB 2012 Day 3
    Scott Wilkinson and Alex Lindsay visit a number of booths including Avid, Dolby, Fraunhofer, and more.  Hosts: Leo Laporte, Scott Wilkinson, and Alex Lindsay
  11. TWiT Live Specials 120: Live From NAB Show 2012 Day 3
    More live coverage of NAB with guests from Akamai, Revision3, Chyron, Legend3D, Verizon, booth tours with Scott Wilkinson, and more.  Guests include: Will Law,
    Jim Louderback, Joe Foxton, Barry Sandrew, Michael Smith, Phil Schramm, Steve Garfield, Jeffrey Thingvold
  12. This Week in Radio Tech 125: Live At NAB
    TWiRT live from NAB Show 2012 with hosts: Kirk Harnack and Chris Tobin.
  13. TWiT Live Specials 121: Ham Radio Reception
    Bob Heil, Scott Wilkinson, and Kirk Harnack, give a tour with interviews of the annual Ham Reception held at NAB in Vegas.
  14. Triangulation 49: Byron Reese And Gregory Panos
  15. TWiT Live Specials 123: Live From NAB Show 2012 Day 4 Extras


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