Studio Tour of LogoRecently posted a studio tour of their facilities in Petaluma, CA. TWiT is a podcast network founded by technology broadcaster and author Leo Laporte. I’ve followed the network closely over the past few years and often watch their live video feed at

The network keeps this feed live, with mics open during the production of all their podcasts including pre-show preparations and discussions.  In my view this is the big differentiator for the network and often it’s big attraction for tech people.  You can often follow along as real people work through the process of media making.

I use the network to stay informed with the latest in tech, but I’m also very interested to watch how they go about producing content.  TWiT is always experimenting and evolving their productions and technology.

Here’s the Studio Tour…you may also want to check out the Google Street view tour INSIDE Twit.  Neat Stuff!


Video streaming by Ustream


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