Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Mansion

Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Mansion

Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Mansion
© Michael Webber

June 2015 – A view of Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Mansion from the adjacent public beach. Located in the town of Westerly in the coastal village of Watch Hill.

The double fence and large sea wall visible in the photo are fairly new. Taylor Swift spent several million dollars renovating/constructing the wall. There was a bit of controversy over the sea wall, here’s a local Providence Journal article that explains it was all completely legal, but frustrated some.

The day we visited the area there was at least one security guard roaming the grounds. You can see him sitting near the flagpole on the right-hand side of the photo.

Taylor Swift spent approximately $17.75 Million in cash for the property in 2013. According to USMagazine.com the property is 5 acres, 65ft from the ocean and the mansion was built in 1930.


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