Tech Guy Photo Assignment Entry

For fun I entered this photo into the Tech Guy Radio Show photography contest. The current contest theme is “Tidy Mess”

Just for fun, I decided to participate in the Tech Guy Radio Show photography competition. Each month (or so) Leo Laporte and Chris Marquardt create a photo assignment for listeners, mostly aimed at encouraging photographers to try new things. The current photo assignment for November/December 2010 is titled “Tidy Mess“. To make things interesting they have also asked that the photo break a photography rule of some sort.

For the past week I’ve been keeping my eye out for “Tidy Messes”, which is not as easy as one might think. Then the other night my wife started working on a cake in the kitchen and the counter was a mess, ah…perfect! Actually the truth is, she had already started cleaning up before it dawned on me that this could be a good photo opportunity. So I pulled a few things from the dish washer, grabbed the towel and setup the “scene” again.

I decided to tilt the camera and distort the horizon line (breaking a rule), which seemed to work. So we’ll see what happens…


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