Video Production Trade News – Week of July 17, 2017

Each week I share select trade news articles with students enrolled in my New England Tech video production classes. It’s critical in any field to remain current, follow emerging trends, examine best practices, and learn about various challenges that face the industry.

Below are some articles from the past week that were discussed during class:

1. NBC Nightly News – New Set Design

A timely piece of trade news this week as we begin a “Studio Production” course at the college.

On July 17th NBC Nightly News moved to Studio 3C, where a new set design built by Clickspring Design will debut. 

According to Newscast Studio, a trade publication with the largest collection of photographs and samples of television sets and graphics packages from around the world, the new NBC studio features:

  • 632 square feet of LED video tiles
  • A double-height LED column, nicknamed “the tower”
  • Color-changing peacock sculpture is suspended from the ceiling, but instead of being lined up in a single plane, each feather is positioned slightly behind its neighbor, so that the sculpture morphs as one views it from different vantage points.  
The new NBC Nightly News Set in Studio 3C


2. Local TV News Fact Sheet

PEW Reseach Center released a new study revealing consumer viewing habits of local news, advertising income, and station salaries. 

PEW is a great resource full of rich data and analysis of our industry.

Check out the Fact Sheet Here


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