Video Production Trade News – Week of May 1, 2016

Each week I share select trade news articles with students enrolled in my New England Tech video production classes. It’s critical in any field to remain current, follow emerging trends, examine best practices, and learn about various challenges that face the industry.

Below are some articles from the past week that were discussed during class:

1. In the Blink of an Eye – Walter Murch’s Editing Theory Put to the Test

Paying attention to actors eyes can be a key into finding the perfect edit point in post production. This video from editor Sven Pape

2. Happy 60th Birthday to Professional Videotape Recording

Ampex VR-1000 Advertisement 1956
Ampex VR-1000 Advertisement 1956 – Broadcasting-Telecasting, October 15, 1956

The Ampex VR-1000 was a game-changing technology of its time. The First demonstration was on April 14, 1956 at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Convention (known today as NAB). Keep in mind before the release of the VR-1000 film was the only viable recording medium available to the TV industry.

For some of the same reasons Hollywood recently shifted to “digital cinema”, TV broadcasters in 1956 saw an opportunity to cut cost and improve their efficiency. Recording east coast broadcasts and having them ready for rebroadcast on the West Coast just hours later was difficult and expensive. This was one of the driving factors to take advantage of Ampex’s new development. Eliminating film processing and development time:

By 1954, the networks used more raw film stock for kinescopes than all of the Hollywood film studios combined, spending up to $4,000 per half hour. – Wikipedia




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