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  • Trim video without re-encoding using ffmpeg

    I’ve been taking the time to learn ffmpeg and some of the really useful stuff you can do with this command line tool (CLI). Here’s one example of a situation I find myself in frequently and have not had a great solution until now. The ability to trim a video file without re-encoding! “Re-encoding” means…

  • High School Intern Returns

    Such a cool moment to have a former High School volunteer and intern stop in and do a TV hit from our studio because his flight was canceled.

  • Zoom TV Interviews

    Feeding our Blackmagic ATEM Switcher with Zoom Participants A few weeks ago I had a blog post on my Zoom and Stream Deck configuration to support TV interviews. The setup continues to evolve and I wanted to take a moment to share an update. The biggest problem we have with Zoom is the Audio-Follow-Video auto-switching…

  • Production Switcher to Zoom

    Production Switcher to Zoom

    Blackmagic Web Presenter, the perfect tool for the job. After several weeks on backorder, our Blackmagic Web Presenter arrived from BH Photo! The “black box” is a simple device that works out of the box. No drives, no software. Simply take the output of your video production switcher, professional SDI camera or HDMI source into…

  • Stream Deck for Zoom Meetings

    Stream Deck for Zoom Meetings

    UPDATE: My setup for Zoom has evolved and somewhat less dependent on StreamDeck now. You may want to check out my new Blog Post with our updated Zoom setup for TV interviews. This week I purchased a Stream Deck XL ($235) to help streamline our video productions with Zoom remote guests. Since the COVID-19 crisis…

  • Backing Up Large Video File Collections to AWS Glacier Deep Archive

    Part 1 – Why AWS Glacier Deep Archive? Backing up large collections of raw video footage and edit masters remains a real challenge for anyone working in the video production world. As the Executive Director of a local community media station, I’m responsible for maintaining a Synology NAS which currently holds 55TB of final edit…

  • Foxborough’s “Do Your Job” Mannequin Challenge

    I had a great time working on this project with some community residents in Foxborough. “Freezing” a Stop & Shop store in the middle of the day was certainly a challenge. A fun no-budget project that aimed to show community pride and support of the New England Patriots ahead of their AFC Championship Game vs.…

  • Low Cost Graphics for Blackmagic ATEM Swtichers

    Low Cost Graphics for Blackmagic ATEM Swtichers

    PowerPoint is software users already know, accessible anywhere, and loaded with features that work well for video production

  • Installing TV Truck Microwave

    #lame #tvhumor #ohboy #engineerhumor

  • 4K Footage of Foxborough Common Flag

    Here is some footage I shot recently on the Foxborough, MA Town Common using a Q500 4K Drone. You can see lots of local landmarks in the background including Bethany Church and Gillette Stadium. A community group was recently formed with a goal of replacing the rust-weakened flagpole. This video will be used as part…