Blackmagic Web Presenter, the perfect tool for the job.

After several weeks on backorder, our Blackmagic Web Presenter arrived from BH Photo!

The “black box” is a simple device that works out of the box. No drives, no software. Simply take the output of your video production switcher, professional SDI camera or HDMI source into the BM Web Presenter. Then connect a USB cable to your PC/Mac and the audio/video signal appears as a 720p HD webcam to the computer.

We had ours installed and working with Zoom within minutes.

Program Return for Zoom

On a daily basis, we’re producing live interview programs and government meetings using Zoom. We need the guests and participants on Zoom to be able to see our in-studio hosts, graphics, roll-ins, and graphics.

Feeding program video from our production switcher through the Blackmagic Web Presenter into Zoom gets this done.

Avoiding Video Feedback on Zoom

If you are not careful you can easily create a video feedback situation in Zoom. Once you have the production switcher feed working with Zoom I suggest clicking the three dot menu and select “Hide Self View” to prevent those issues.


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