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  • Refreshing Winter Run

    There’s something meditative about running in the snow. The world softens, muffled by a blanket of white. This morning, along the Blackstone River, it was just me, the crunch of cold snow under my feet and the rhythmic yet gentle thud of my sneakers hitting against the packed trail.

  • 60 Degree Day

    What a day today, just an incredible temperature jump this weekend. Two days of 60-degree temps in January is rare, so I made an extra effort to get a run today. The Blackstone Bike Path was really busy today, again highly unusual in January. The parking lot had 20ish cars and the traffic along the…

  • Thursday Run

    Today I’m sharing a photo from my run this morning. The quiet calm stillness along the Blackstone River, especially in the colder months, is just awesome. My goal over the next few weeks is to slowly get back into a running routine. I’ve skipped too many days and I’ve watched my monthly mileage drop significantly…

  • Great Run this Morning

    Awesome A photo posted by Michael Webber (@mediaguy4) on Jan 6, 2017 at 6:16am PST I was just thrilled to have the morning off from teaching, giving me an opportunity to get out and run in the fresh snow. The views along the Blackstone River were awesome!

  • Gansett Half Marathon

    Great time at the Gansett Half Marathon this year. My training was less than ideal, but somehow I pulled off a better run than I deserved. Great day, motivated to improve.

  • Franconia Color Run 5K – July 2016

    Franconia Color Run 5K – July 2016

    Sixth Place Finish Giving Me a Needed Running Boost

  • Reflecting, Looking Forward

    Reflecting, Looking Forward

    My family is in the White Mountains on a ski trip this week and as usual I’ve packed the running gear just in case there’s an opportunity. Today I had the time and ran into downtown North Conway and decided to stop mid-run at Zebs General Store, which is a must for anyone who visits the area.  I…

  • Make Running a Habit

    Some thoughts on running and a few training updates as the summer comes to an end. I never thought running would become my “thing”. When I first started going to the gym I’d always avoid the treadmill, it just seemed boring and frankly I could not understand why anyone would want to run in-place for any length…

  • New Distance PR

    New Distance PR

    Somtimes my best runs are just random good days. Today I boke my personal distance record, previously 13.1 (June 8, 2013). I simply enjoyed today’s run, temperatures were in the low 60s and my legs felt good. Once I hit the three mole mark, I started to think about how far I should go.  I…

  • Outdoors at Lincoln Woods

    Outdoors at Lincoln Woods

    Finaly got outside again, Lincoln Woods is my go-to after snowstorms. The park has a paved road that wraps around picturesque Onley Pond, two loops is about 5 miles. Today was a great day, temperatures were around 32F, sunny, and I was full of energy. Unfortunately knee pain has been my 2014 struggle, today I…