What a day today, just an incredible temperature jump this weekend. Two days of 60-degree temps in January is rare, so I made an extra effort to get a run today. The Blackstone Bike Path was really busy today, again highly unusual in January. The parking lot had 20ish cars and the traffic along the bike path reminded me of early spring when everyone is excited to be outside.

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Today we also started our Pinewood Derby car designs. The plan right now is to complete three cars, my oldest son may also enter a car which would be a fourth car.

This is our last Pinewood Derby race with Pack 12, in March my youngest son will be crossing over into Boy Scouts, my wife and I will be stepping down from our positions in the Pack (Cubmaster and Den Leader).

Lastly, we took full advantage of the warm day and cooked on the grill tonight. We used my wife’s Meater “smart” thermometer for the first time and it worked out well. The steak was cooked perfectly, often I overcook meat on the grill “just to be safe”.

For me this falls into the extravagant, overkill, bordering on ridiculous category. That said, it’s a really cool device and I can clearly see how it makes the “home gamer” cook better and more efficiently. You can bring the meat to the exact right temperature and it even alerts you when to remove it from the heat, which is just a few degrees BEFORE it reaches temp. The meat rises a few more degrees after removed from the grill and hits the desired temp.


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