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  • Trim video without re-encoding using ffmpeg

    I’ve been taking the time to learn ffmpeg and some of the really useful stuff you can do with this command line tool (CLI). Here’s one example of a situation I find myself in frequently and have not had a great solution until now. The ability to trim a video file without re-encoding! “Re-encoding” means […]

  • High School Intern Returns

    Such a cool moment to have a former High School volunteer and intern stop in and do a TV hit from our studio because his flight was canceled.

  • COVID Sunsets

    COVID Sunsets

    My wife and I have been going on long weekend bike rides for several months now. The COVID pandemic has given us extra time in our busy family schedule to discover a new date night-exercise opportunity. We schedule our start time so that we’re arriving at Colt State Park just in time to see the […]

  • Sunset Cargo Ship

    Captured a neat shot of the Cardinal, a bulk carrier vessel (IMO: 9274575) as it was leaving the port of Providence, Rhode Island headed to Quebec. This photo was taken from Colt State Park, during a recent 33-mile bike ride, a trek my wife and I often take on the weekends to catch the sunset. […]

  • Goodbye Ann & Hope

    On June 29, 2020 Ann & Hope announced they would close all remaining outlet stores following a series of previously announced store closings. This includes their historic headquarters location in Cumberland at 1 Ann & Hope Way. I stopped by to take some photos of the building yesterday, just to capture some images before the […]

  • Zoom TV Interviews

    Feeding our Blackmagic ATEM Switcher with Zoom Participants A few weeks ago I had a blog post on my Zoom and Stream Deck configuration to support TV interviews. The setup continues to evolve and I wanted to take a moment to share an update. The biggest problem we have with Zoom is the Audio-Follow-Video auto-switching […]

  • Production Switcher to Zoom

    Production Switcher to Zoom

    Blackmagic Web Presenter, the perfect tool for the job. After several weeks on backorder, our Blackmagic Web Presenter arrived from BH Photo! The “black box” is a simple device that works out of the box. No drives, no software. Simply take the output of your video production switcher, professional SDI camera or HDMI source into […]

  • Stream Deck for Zoom Meetings

    Stream Deck for Zoom Meetings

    UPDATE: My setup for Zoom has evolved and somewhat less dependent on StreamDeck now. You may want to check out my new Blog Post with our updated Zoom setup for TV interviews. This week I purchased a Stream Deck XL ($235) to help streamline our video productions with Zoom remote guests. Since the COVID-19 crisis […]

  • 60 Degree Day

    What a day today, just an incredible temperature jump this weekend. Two days of 60-degree temps in January is rare, so I made an extra effort to get a run today. The Blackstone Bike Path was really busy today, again highly unusual in January. The parking lot had 20ish cars and the traffic along the […]

  • FIX: Greyed Out Folders on Mac OS

    Recently I had an issue with my Synology NAS Music folder that I use with Plex Media Server. Hundreds of folders were ghosted or greyed out an inaccessible. I was able to access the files through the Synology Disk Station web interface, not via Mac Finder and Plex could not access the files. Solution All […]

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