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  • COVID Sunsets

    COVID Sunsets

    My wife and I have been going on long weekend bike rides for several months now. The COVID pandemic has given us extra time in our busy family schedule to discover a new date night-exercise opportunity. We schedule our start time so that we’re arriving at Colt State Park just in time to see the…

  • Reached 5-mile running goal

    The following is a Facebook post following my run on August 29th: I was SOOO close to talking myself out of running tonight…I was too tired, had a headache, it was getting dark, stuck in traffic. Anyway I decided to give it a shot. My best run ever! I set a personal goal to get…

  • August 16, 2012 – Morning Run at the Cumberland Monastery/Library

    Benefits of running outside!

  • 5/27/12 Run

    Ran out of steam around 20min, just over 2 miles into my run today.  Frustrating when I come up short…  Two social gatherings yesterday, full of great food and drinks didn’t help.

  • 5/23/12 5K Run

  • Tough Day at the Gym

    This was a tough workout, really had to push to keep on pace and complete the 5K.

  • Getting Back into the Gym Routine

    Working hard to get back into a decent routine.

  • Back to the Gym

    After almost a month away from the gym I finally jumped back on the treadmill and attempted a 5K.  The break definitely took it’s toll, I had to really push myself…or more accurately, let the treadmill drag me through, maintaing the 10-minute mile pace. Hopefully I’ll be getting back into a decent gym routine again soon.

  • April 2, 2012 – New 5K Personal Best

    4/2/12 – I was sick over the weekend, fighting something that was giving me a headache and major head congestion.  I certainly didn’t feel like going to the gym today, but decided to give it a shot…turn out to be a great idea.  I fought through it and felt better once I hopped on the…

  • March 30, 2012 5K Run