Reached 5-mile running goal

The following is a Facebook post following my run on August 29th:

I was SOOO close to talking myself out of running tonight…I was too tired, had a headache, it was getting dark, stuck in traffic. Anyway I decided to give it a shot. My best run ever! I set a personal goal to get my long distance up to 5miles (I don’t think I’ve EVER run 5 miles before). I finally broke that wall and got into a mode where I felt I could run forever.

No music…About a 1/4mile into the run I randomly took my earbuds out (@Jeff Mutter style according to Jenny Copans) for the fun of it and just kept going.

Sorry for the long post, but I finally feel like I’m making progress. Thanks to all for the positive feedback and motivation.

6.14miles Avg. Pace 9:27 58:05


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