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  • Refreshing Winter Run

    There’s something meditative about running in the snow. The world softens, muffled by a blanket of white. This morning, along the Blackstone River, it was just me, the crunch of cold snow under my feet and the rhythmic yet gentle thud of my sneakers hitting against the packed trail.

  • Franconia Color Run 5K – July 2016

    Franconia Color Run 5K – July 2016

    Sixth Place Finish Giving Me a Needed Running Boost

  • Winter Running

    This is my first winter running outside, it’s still early in the season but I’m hoping to keep this up. Runner’s World Magazine has a great series, Newbie Chronicles which is great source of motivating articles for folks starting out. Here’s the one that motivated me to purchase some light winter running gear and hit…

  • Sandy Hook 5K, January 19th

    Thanks to Runners World for spreading the word on this On January 19, the first Strides for Sandy Hook 5-K will be staged in Newtown. The 5-K will be a fundraiser for a memorial dedicated to the victims of the school tragedy. Pre-race registration will be $25, and race day registration will be $35. Volunteers and donations…

  • Reached 5-mile running goal

    The following is a Facebook post following my run on August 29th: I was SOOO close to talking myself out of running tonight…I was too tired, had a headache, it was getting dark, stuck in traffic. Anyway I decided to give it a shot. My best run ever! I set a personal goal to get…