April 2, 2012 – New 5K Personal Best

April 2, 2012 5K - New Personal Best4/2/12 – I was sick over the weekend, fighting something that was giving me a headache and major head congestion.  I certainly didn’t feel like going to the gym today, but decided to give it a shot…turn out to be a great idea.  I fought through it and felt better once I hopped on the treadmill.

To my surprise, I was able to bump up the speed and maintain a 9min 20sec mile.  29min 5K, a new personal best.  That saying is true, the “hardest part of working out is actually getting inside the gym.”

3.1 Miles = 29:00min

I also walked another 3o minutes after the 5K, the extra 2 miles helped add a few steps for my ShapeUpRI challenge.

Total Steps Today = 14,480


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