TinyRSS – Enable API Fails (SOLVED)

I just got around to upgrading my TinyRSS install to the latest version. I use TinyRSS for pulling in news and blogs that I like to follow. One of the main uses is for staying on top of video production trade news. I really like TinyRSS!

After the upgrade I was trying to get the app on my cell phone working again, which requires the TinyRSS API to be enabled. This can be turned on in the TinyRSS preferences. Every time I went to turn the API on it would fail with an error message, ” “{“error”:{“code”:13,”message”:”Method not found”}}”

After searching the web I discovered the error is caused by LastPass, which I use as a password manager. For me the easiest solution was to log out of LastPass for a few minutes, then log into TinyRSS and enable the API. Bingo! Problem Solved.


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