Video Production Trade News – Week of November 5, 2017

Each week I share select trade news articles with students enrolled in my New England Tech video production classes. It’s critical in any field to remain current, follow emerging trends, examine best practices, and learn about various challenges that face the industry.

Below are some articles from the past week that were discussed during class:

1. HDR TV Shipments to Reach 48M in 2021

High Dynamic Range (HDR) video is a fairly new technology that is gaining momentum. Just a few years ago I was discussing the rise of 3D TVs and shared my skepticism of the long-term viability of 3D as a true “game-changer”. HDR is different and I think it’s something students need to watch and learn more about. How will producing content in HDR impact the production process? How does HDR impact the editing process? What skills should we be developing to be ready for HDR? 


2. WBZ-AM’s new owner tells employees to re-apply for jobs

iHeartMedia, the company acquiring local radio news titan WBZ-AM has indicated employees at the station will have to re-apply for their positions, and that it does not plan to honor two union contracts.



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