Using for Video Production LogoOver the past few years I’ve really embraced the “cloud” in my professional workflows. Google Drive is my primary cloud service and I use third party applications that extend the basic office tools in Drive. is one of those apps that I’ve discovered, a wonderful (and free) tool that offers a web based drawing for floor plans, network diagrams, and mind maps. The documents can be saved to various cloud storage services, including Google Drive.

Today I was able to sketch up a quick floorplan for a nine camera video production using and I’m happy with the results. The drawing took me about an hour and half, I could spend some more time cleaning it up and color coding things better, but I’m happy with the results.

We will be covering two musical performances over the course of one weekend inside a high school gymnasium. The gym lighting will be shut off and our crew will light and shoot both concerts for air on local community TV and for student/family keepsakes.

The production is ultra low-budget using existing equipment resources and a volunteer crew.

Here’s a screenshot of my draft 1.0 camera plan: TV Production Camera Plan Layoout TV Production Camera Plan Layoout


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