Leo’s Ball Becomes Viral Ad

Viral YouTube Video for TKO Stability Balls
TKO Promotes Line of Stability Balls with Viral Video of Leo Laporte Popping His Ball

I love it, the classic YouTube clip of Leo Laporte’s ball popping is now a viral video ad for TKO. What a cleaver idea TKO…hopefully  they are giving Leo a cut!  Laporte has been using an exercise ball as a chair alternative for a number of years now.  The idea is the fitness ball increases body stability and keeps him active while producing more than a dozen podcasts each week on Twit.tv  On May 19th 2009, the inevitable happened…Leo’s ball popped while he was streaming live on the internet.

Below you can watch the original Leo Laporte Ball Pop as seen live, as well as, the Viral Ad Created by TKO..enjoy.

Viral Ad Version

Have you checked your balls lately? from TKO Sports Group on Vimeo.


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