Off and Running in 2014

“Motivated” sums up how I feel about my running progress over the past several weeks.  I have high hopes for 2014, thanks to my motivating friends on

My kee has been causing some pain throughout January.  I also bruised a rib during a New Years ski trip.  Both seem to be getting better, but some pain still persist.  The knee pain has been the big struggle.  I think it’s mostly the result of ramping up milage in January, after low milage in November/December.

That said, I’m on track to break a new personal record for “miles in a month”, should end up near 70.

My hope at this point is to continue the milage in February,  pace myself to reduce knee pain, build up my base, and hopefully strenghen my core.

I do hope to run a half marathon in 2014, we’ll see.


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    l love you!

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